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Employer Protection Scheme

Employment law protection – is your business covered against tribunals?

Changes in legislation bring opportunity and risk.  They can help or expose you.

The abolition of employment tribunal fees has meant more employees are bringing employment tribunal claims and employers are finding themselves spending money on legal fees to defend these claims.

Do you have the financial security of an insurance policy to cover the legal expense of employment disputes, settlements and the cost of awards?

As part of our ongoing service to our employer clients, Robinson Ralph are now able to offer access to an insurance policy which covers the costs of representation, awards and settlements if you become involved in an employment dispute.

The policy can be triggered upon receipt of an Employment Tribunal claim or from the outset of Acas early conciliation. The costs of legal fees and settlement during this process would be covered, subject to the terms of the policy; one condition being that you have followed our advice.

Take a look at the benefits of our Employment Law Protection Scheme.

The Robinson Ralph Employment Law Protection Scheme is an easy, highly cost effective way to remove the burden of employment legislation from your business.  It offers you:

  • Insurance cover for legal costs and settlement awards in the event of an employment dispute.
  • Legal advice and due diligence to ensure you are up to date with the latest legislation and achieve compliance within the law.
  • Ongoing advice to address issues specific to your business and ensure you are fully insured when you follow the advice given.  
  • Protection to radically minimise your exposure to unexpected financial loss, capping all your employment legislation and HR costs.

Don’t wait until it’s too late and you are facing the expense of tribunal litigation. 

Protect yourself now. Enter your details below to find out more about our Employment Law Protection Scheme.

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